Roids 98

User name I actually wanted is taken by someone who has no right to use it in my Opinion... But The Steroids Wars project is the reason I'm starting a blog so heres a name


Animator: ●Yutaka Nakamura//●Bahi JD
アニメーター: ●中村 豊 //●バヒ・JD

Space Dandy #26.スペース☆ダンディ

Roids: Wow!!!

Roids: This Painting! Thischaracter Design is absolutelyBeautiful! Art by

Roids: This Painting! This
character Design is absolutely
Beautiful! Art by


Roids:  I always found thisreally wierd fractal amazing :DFractal Art by ChaosFissure

Roids:  I always found this
really wierd fractal amazing :D
Fractal Art by ChaosFissure

Roids: These Pen strokesare ten beautiful!

Roids: These Pen strokes
are ten beautiful!

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